All referral forms on this website are also available as eForms for OSCAR, Avaros, Indivicare, and ACCURO EMRs. You can download some of the premade forms here from WorldEMR or fill the contact form below for any other eForms that are not listed for your EMR.

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WSIB Fax: 1-888-313-7373

*You get paid more for online form submission*

WSIB Health Professional’s Report (Form 8)

WSIB Professional’s Report for Occupational Mental Stress (Form CMS8)

WSIB Functional Abilities Form (FAF Form) ***You must have previously filled and billed WSIB for FORM 8 before you can bill for FAF (they will reject payment for FAF if you haven’t done FORM 8 for that patient recently)

WSIB Online Form Portal (TELUS)

WSIB Physician Fee Schedule

WSIB Healthcare Provider Payment Inquiries Line: Tel# 1-800-387-0750

WSIB Provider Registration: email [email protected]

WSIB Physicians Links Page

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