Infectious Diseases

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ClinicSubspecialty / InterestLocationFormContactInformation
Specialty Health Clinic (SHC)Ontario-wide HIV PrEP & Viral Hepatitis Virtual ClinicVirtual/Ontario-wideSHC Referral FormFax: 226-785-0986Fax consult
Hepatitis Clinic lead by:
Cheryl Dale RN(EC) MScN AF-AASLD, Hepatology Nurse Practitioner
HepB, HepCVirtual/Ontario-wideHepatitis Referral FormPhone: 519-902-2066
Fax: 519-936-7982
Fax consult, attach relevant lab/imaging results

Adult Physicians

AdultSubspecialty / InterestLocationFormContactInformation
Dr. Bondy, Lise1. Hep C/HIV co-infection
2. General Infectious Diseases
St. Joseph’s Health Care London
268 Grosvenor Street
Generic Referral FormPhone: 519-646-6415
Fax: 519-646-6040
Fax consult – include bloodwork
Dr. Devlin, Megan1. HIV
2. General Infectious Diseases
3. Tropical Diseases
Phone: 519-646-6207
Fax: 519-646-6040
Dr. Elsayed, Sameer1. General Infectious DiseasesPhone: 519-685-8726
Fax: 519-685-8109

Speaks Arabic
Dr. MacPherson, Douglas1. General Infectious Diseases189 Elm St, St Thomas, ON N5R 5C4Phone: 519-631-1380
Fax: 519-207-9200
Fax consult – include bloodwork
Dr. Shalhoub, Sarah1. Transplant Infectious Diseases
2. General Infectious Diseases
St. Joseph’s Health Care London
268 Grosvenor Street
Phone: 519-646-6323
Fax: 519-646-6328
Dr. Silverman, Michael1. General Infectious Diseases
3. Hep C
4. Fecal transplant for recurrent C.Diff
Phone: 519-646-6311
Fax: 519-646-6328
Dr. Thompson, Bill1. Diabetic feet managment
2. HIV
3. General Infectious Diseases
310 Wellington Road London, ON N6C4P4; St. Josephs Health Care LondonLondon Diabetes Foot Clinic Referral FormPhone: 519-663-3849
Fax: 519-432-6266

Pediatric Physicians

Pediatric PhysiciansSubspecialty / InterestLocationFormContactInformation
Dr. Barton-Forbes, Michelle1. Congenital infections
2. Pediatric Infectious Diseases
Children’s Hospital, London Health Sciences CentreGeneric Referral FormPhone: 519-685-8500 ext. 58299
Fax: 519-685-8156
Fax consult
Dr. Nashid, Nancy1. Congenital infections
2. Pediatric HIV
3. Pediatric Infectious Diseases
Phone: 519-685-8500 ext. 58299
Dr. Salvadori, MarinaPhone: 519-685-8299
Fax: 519-685-8156
Fax consult
Speaks Romanian

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