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Dr. Lovegrove, FionaOxford Health Centre
140 Oxford St E, Suite 207
London, ON N6A 5R9
Lovegrove Derm Referral

Psoriasis / Atopic Dermatitis Fast-Track Referral Form
Phone: 519-204-3959
Fax: 519-438-2400
Fax Consult
Dr. Cowger, JeffAdvanced Medical Group – Skin Therapy Centre
230 Victoria St
London, ON
N6A 2C2
Generic FormPhone: 519-873-1447
Fax: 519-873-1448
Fax Consult
Dr. Guenther, Lyn835 Richmond St
London, ON
N6A 3H7
Generic FormPhone: 519-435-1738
Fax: 519-435-1740
Fax Consult
Dr. Gupta, Aditya645 Windermere Rd
London, ON
N5X 2P1
Generic FormPhone: 519-657-4222 x 221
Fax: 519-657-4233
Fax Consult
Dr. Horgan-Bell, Caroline1055 Fanshawe Park Rd W
Suite 202
London, ON  N6G 0W7
Generic FormPhone: 519-641-0002
Fax: 519-641-0040
Fax Consult
Dr. Wexler, DeniseDermEffects
1560 Hyde Park Rd
London ON  N6H 5L5
Generic FormPhone: 519-900-5668
Fax: 519-472-8484
Fax Consult
Dr. Loo, WeiDermEffects
1560 Hyde Park Rd
London, ON
N6H 5L5
Generic FormPhone: 519-472-8686
Fax: 519-472-8484
Fax Consult


Dr. Howard, Jessica
Dr. Bhanji, Tania
Dr. Wilson, Emily
Middlesex Centre Regional Clinic
Box 160, 36 Heritage Drive, Ilderton, Ontario, N0M 2A0

South Huron Hospital (Exeter)/
Charlotte Eleanor Englehart Hospital (CEEH) – Petrolia
Skin Disorders ClinicPhone: 519-666-1610 ext 208
Fax: 519-913-2899
Fax Consult
Dr. Hameed, Saadia346 Platt’s Lane,
London, ON
N6G 1J1
Generic FormPhone: 519-672-9660
Fax: 519-672-7727
Fax Consult
Dr. Bezaire, Martin770 South Wenige Dr,
London, ON
N5X 4K3
Generic FormPhone: 519-679-1717
Fax: 519-679-1716
Fax Consult
Dr. Hunter-Orange, Jessica
Dr. Tripp, Julie
Dr. Andrade, Jennifer
Dr. Toft, Ian
London Skin Disorder Clinic
990 Gainsborough Rd, London, ON N6H 5L4
Generic FormPhone: 519-601-8621 EXT 101

Fax: 519-204-3122
Fax Consult
Dr. Rubab, Faria303-510 Southdale Road East,
London, ON
N6E 1A5
Rubab DermatologyPhone: 519-850-3999
Fax: 519-937-1693
Fax Consult
Dr. Velker, BrennaThompson Medical Centre,
130 Thompson Rd,
London, ON
N5Z 2Y6
Generic FormPhone: 519-601-8621
Fax: 519-204-3122
Fax Consult

Pediatric Dermatology Physicians

Paediatric DermatologyLocationFormContactInformation
Dr. Mohammed, JavedNixon Medical Centre
510 Southdale Rd E, Suite 301
London, ON
N6E 0B2
Generic FormPhone: 519-690-2806
Fax: 519-690-2809
Fax Consult
Dr. McNeely, Michael272 Oxford St W
London, ON
N6H 1S9
Generic FormPhone: 519-434-1112
Fax: 519-433-7950
Fax Consult

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