CritiCall Contact Information

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Important Numbers

CritiCall Ontario: 1-800-668-4357

ORNGE Operations Control Centre: 1-800-387-4672

Poison Control: 1-800-268-9017

Provincial Transfer Authorization Centre (PTAC): 1-866-869-7822

LHSC One Number: 519-663-3367  

St. Joseph’s Healthcare: 519-646-6015 

St. Thomas Elgin: 519-631-2030 x 3506 

Grey Bruce Health Services: 519-376-2121 x 2074 

HPHA (Stratford): 519-272-8210 x 2680

Strathroy Hospital: 519-245-1550 x 5521 

Woodstock: 519-421-4211 

Chatham Kent: 519-352-6400 x 5292

Bluewater Heath (Sarnia): 519-646-4400 x 8209

Downloadable Resources: 

Regional One Number Protocol Contact List (SWLHIN)

CritiCall Poster for ER & ICU

CritiCall Help Sheet

CritiCall Acute Neurosurgery Consultation Guidelines

CritiCall Acute Spine Consultation Guidelines

CritiCall Burn Cases Consultation Guidelines

CritiCall Trauma Consultation Guidelines

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