Allergy & Immunology

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Allergy Clinic (Adult & Peds)
Dr. Jeimy, Samira
Dr. Kim, H.
Dr. Kuprowski, M.
Dr. Moote, D.W.
St. Joseph’s Healthcare CentreAllergy Referral FormPhone: 519-646-6019
Fax: 519-646-6292

OTN appointments: Dr. Jeimy only – please specify OTN on referral form
Dr. Gill, Parwinder
(Adult & Peds)
Advanced Medical Group
230 Victoria St
London, ON L4Z 0B9
Generic Referral FormPhone: 519-873-1700
Fax: 519-873-1717
Fax Consult
Dr. Belda, Antonio (Pediatrics)Sunningdale Health & Wellness Centre
1695 Wonderland Rd. North
London, ON N6G 4W3
Generic Referral FormPhone: 1-888-286-1067
Fax: 1-866-692-3463
Fax Consult
Dr. Kloth, Debra (Adult & Peds)416 Central Ave
London, ON N6B 2E5
Dr. Kloth ReferralPhone: 519-675-1366
Fax: 519-675-0875
Fax Consult
Dr. Borici-Mazi, Rozita101-140 Oxford St E
London ON, N6A 5R9
Dr. Borici-Mazi Referral
“Oxford Allergy Clinic”
Phone: 548-866-0201
Fax: 844-230-6510
Accepts via Ocean eReferral, or fax consult
Dr. Ndur, Joshua
107 Edward St, Suite 103
St Thomas, ON N5P 1Y8

641 Commissioners Rd E, Unit 105
London, ON N6C 2T9
Generic Referral FormSt.Thomas
Phone: 519-631-8778
Fax: 519-631-0080

Phone: 519-686-8585
Fax: 519-686-8580
Fax Consult

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