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Here is a site for searching medical abbreviations: Medical Abbreviations & Acronyms |

For those new to the London/Southwest LHIN area, you are going to come across these common abbreviations for our area. This is also especially useful for clinic staff:

AbbrFull Version
LHSCLondon Health Sciences Centre (organization of all the 3 hospitals in London)
UHUniversity Hospital
VH & Children’s HospitalVictoria Hospital
SJH / SJHCSt. Joseph’s Hospital / St. Joseph’s Health Care London
STEGHSt. Thomas Elgin General Hospital
HPHAHuron Pert Healthcare Alliance
LWHAListowel Wingham Hospitals Alliance
LIHCLondon InterCommunity Health Centre
LHIN (previously called CCAC)Local Health Integration Network
SWLHINSouthwest Ontario Local Health Integration Network
HCSSHome and Community Care Support Services (same as LHIN)
NDDS (now called LookSee Checklist)Nipissing District Developmental Scale | LookSee Developmental Checklist
UHIPUniversity Health Insurance Plan (international students at Western have this)
WesternUniversity of Western Ontario
MyHealthMyHealth Centre
EPAUEarly Pregnancy Assessment Unit – LHSC
LXALondon X-Ray Associates
WSIBWorkplace Safety and Insurance Board (worker’s comp)
GAATGeriatric Ambulatory Access Team
LRCPLondon Regional Cancer Program
HCVHealth Card Validation
TVCCThames Valley Children’s Centre
MSK RAC / SW LHIN MSKMusculoskeletal Rapid Access Clinic SouthWest LHIN
OBSPOntario Breast Screening Program
ODSPOntario Disability Support Program
CRACanada Revenue Agency
MTOMinistry of Transportation
BWSDCBluewater Sleep Disorder Clinic
LSCLondon Scoping Centre
OMAOntario Medical Association
SGFPThe OMA Section on General & Family Practice (SGFP)
SWPCASouth West Primary Care Alliance
OCFPOntario College of Family Physicians
RAAMRapid Access Addictions Medicine

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